Here is my collection of self-made games, most of them written in 1985/1986:

Alien Trooper

Alien Trooper Download
(1985, unexpanded VIC)

Defend the city against the alien troopers. You lose one of your three ships when colliding with an alien or when an alien hits the flashing energy centre in the middle of the town.

There is a speed selection in the startup screen from 1 (fast) to 8 (slow). 


Coppa Download
(1985, unexpanded VIC)

Move your space ship with the joystick across the grid and thus turn all fields purple. For every changed field you earn 10 points, but you also lose 5 for every field that is already purple. There are four levels with different layouts. The indicator on the righthand top of the screen is your fuel left.

I never managed to finish all levels without cheating lately, but I'm sure I did it back then when I wrote the game!

Coppa Reloaded

Coppa Reloaded Download
(2012, unexpanded VIC)

To get back into the VIC-20 programming and encouraged by some very nice replies to this website, I decided to develop 4 new levels for "Coppa". Hope you enjoy it!


Deliverer Download
(1985, VIC + 8K RAM)

The inspiration for this game was the "Hunchback" arcade game. In contrast to the original, the hero in my game was a "normal" worker, probably a little bit inspired by Super Mario (who knows!). However, guide him from left to right by running & jumping over dikes, flying stones, arrows, disappearing bridges and so on.

The game consists of several levels with different screen plays and increasing level of difficulty, of course. Unlike most of my other games, this one has a "real" end, which means, you can really come to an end - if you manage to play all 10(?) levels. The game holds a "hall of fame". If you are good enough, you can enter your name via keyboard.

This was one of my last all-assembler-projects. At the beginning, you have to adjust the screen Y-axis with "+" and "-" keys, but I'v got no idea any more for what reason this was necessary. The game itself is controlled by joystick.


Memory Download (ZIP-file, unzip and run "memory.prg")
(1985, VIC + 3K RAM)

One of the rare games I wrote in German, based on the card game of the same name. You can play from one to six players, the game keeps score. After entering the player's name(s), build pairs of cards with the same motive by typing in row and column of the card. Matching cards are taken off the game. The game ends, when there's only one card left.

The graphics of the cards were developed by my brother, who was about to write the same game for the C64 (but never finished it, as far as I remember).


Remedy Download
(1985, unexpanded VIC)

This game was created around it's name. You simply have to avoid the rising rockets and the falling bombs. With Joystick Up you can toggle a protective energy shield on and off (but as the energy is limited, you have to use this feature sparingly). You also have a number of "remedies" (2nd indication from left), that can be used by hitting the space key. This removes all rockets and bombs from the screen.

The game is divided into several levels. Every level lasts somewhat longer than the one before. Well, that's all! Lächelnd

Robin At Ravenwreck

Robin At Ravenwreck Download (ZIP-file, unzip and run "r. at ravenwreck.prg")
(1985, VIC + 8K RAM*)

Probably the most complex game I ever wrote for the VIC-20. The idea for this game came from the game "Lode Runner" by Broderbund Software. The hero Robin has to collect a number of flashing diamonds (the diamonds yet to be collected are indicated in yellow on top of the screen). Use joystick left and right to move Robin or let him fall to move down. To go up, you use the elevators. On the purple assembly lines you can only move in the direction the line rolls. When all diamonds are collected, go to the exit gate. The white floor pieces vanish when you walk over.

The game consists of five different screens in every "stage". After you have finished the first five levels, the screens repeat, but have several handicaps (like changing of the layout or a moving exit gate, etc.) included. In addition, there's a time line going down at the top of the screen. In the third stage the time to move through the level rapidly decreases (I'm not quite sure, but I think, the game was designed in the way, that the third stage isn't to win).

*Although this game was published in one of those early computer magazines as a type-in software for the VIC-20 + 8K, I experienced "Out Of Memory" errors with the WinVICE emulator when running in 8K-mode. In 16K-mode the game seems to run fine.


Senso Download
(1985, unexpanded VIC)

Use the joystick to replay what the computer plays to you. The computer plays a sequence of sounds along with different colors that you have to keep in mind and replay. With every correct move the sequence gets longer. After an increasing number of correct replays you enter the next level. The game keeps score and tells you in the end. The game ends when you have made three mistakes. There also is a time limit in which the replay has to be done.

Robin Goes Skiing

Robin Goes Skiing Download
(1985, unexpanded VIC)

Move Robin downhill going around the different handicaps on the way. Nothing more to say!

Wormy (3K version)

Wormy (3K) Download
(1985, VIC + 3K RAM)

The classical worm's game on the VIC-20. Eat 15 of the seeds (red/white blocks) and avoid the poison (light blue crosses). With every seed you eat, you get a little bit longer. Don't bite yourself and do not hit the frame. You've got three lives.

The game has some options: With F1 you can toggle the music on and off, and F3 lets you select one of three speed levels (slow, medium, fast). The worm is controlled either by joystick or by the keys O K L and , 

Wormy (8K version)

Splitscreen gag of the game

Wormy (8K)
Download (ZIP-file, unzip and run "wormy-8k.prg")
(1986, VIC + 8K RAM)

This is the 2-player version of the worm's game with multi level feature. With some assembler code I managed to split the screen (including the border) into 3 colors during the intro (which was "normally" not possible on the VIC).

Thank you to "tokra" for making this program compatible to the WinVICE emulator.