Adress-Star Download
(VIC + 16K RAM)

This german language program was my first contact management software. It even supports German umlauts, which was one of the highlights of this software. Adresses could be saved to disk or cassette, there were search and print options.


RK01/GE Download
(all VIC)

This simple BASIC tool helped me book-keeping my telephone charges. Back in 1985 I still was a student and  the word "flatrate" didn't yet exist, so I had to have an eye on these costs. The first screen is just a welcome message, by hitting a key you switch to a screen where you enter the time (the VIC-20 had a real time clock, but it wasn't buffered). This was necessary, because telephone charges depended on the day of the week as well as on the time of the day. Enter hour, minute and second and answer "J", if the input was correct. On the next screen you choose the day of the week with the F1 key and confirm with F3. The third screen asks for the distance to the dialog partner (which was also a criterion for the charges). Choose an option between 1 and 4.

After all this is done, the software shows the time and asks you to hit the space key, when your dialog partner answers the phone. It then shows the tariff units you have used. By hitting the space key again (at the end of the call), the program calculates the costs of the call in DM (German marks, which was our currency in 1985).

This software surely has no use any more, but for nostalgic reasons I simply had to publish it here.